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Achleitner MANTRA 4x4

Achleitner MANTRA 4x4

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ACHLEITNER MANTRA 4x4 with permanent All Wheel Drive


Concentrated four-wheel competence, for ways where there are none. The combination of the well-know and estimated driving characteristics of the Mercedes Sprinter in combination with the approved Achleitner Technology results in the ACHLEITNER MANTRA 4x4.


The base vehicle is the New Mercedes Sprinter. This makes the Achleitner MANTRA 4x4 a versatile vehicle with outstanding features. Comfortable like a car, but also strong and robust like a truck. The ACHLEITNER all-wheel drive is perfect for all jobs in the tough off-road use. 


Its permanent heavy-duty all-wheel drive system was specially developed for extreme off-road conditions and tours off the beaten track. As engines are the 2.2 ltr. CDI engine with 120 kW/163 PS and 360 Nm torque or the 3.0 ltr. CDI engine with 440 Nm torque available.


So is this vehicle is not only intended for the use of four - wheel drive in the road, but also for heavy offroad use.


The Achleitner MANTRA 4x4 unites opposites and makes the apparently impossible possible.


Standard equipment                                    

  • Transfer case with longitudinal and rear axle lock (100% blocking effect)
  • Twin tires on the rear axle (5,0t.)
  • Front axle in coil spring version with Independent suspension in double wishbone geometry
  • Height adjustment about 100mm
  • Control unit for components (locking operation)
  • On the dashboard
  • Individual approval for Austria or Germany
Achleitner MANTRA 4x4

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