Achleitner MANTRA 4x4

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ACHLEITNER MANTRA 4x4 with permanent All Wheel Drive


Concentrated all-wheel drive expertise, for paths where there are none: The coupling of the well-known and valued driving characteristics of the Mercedes Sprinter in combination with the proven all-wheel drive technology result in the ACHLEITNER MANTRA 4x4.


The new Mercedes Sprinter serves as the base vehicle. The ACHLEITNER MANTRA 4x4 is a versatile vehicle with outstanding properties. Comfortable like a car, but also strong and robust like a truck. This vehicle is not only intended for all-wheel drive use on the road, but also for heavy off-road use. The ACHLEITNER MANTRA 4x4 with all-wheel drive is perfectly suitable for all jobs in the tough off-road area thanks to the optional off-road reduction (factor 2.5) and up to three 100% differential locks.


Its permanent heavy-duty all-wheel drive system was specially developed for extreme off-road use and off-road driving. The 2.0 ltr. CDI engine with 125 kW / 170 HP or 140 kW / 190 PS combined with the OEM automatic or manual transmission are available. The ACHLEITNER MANTRA 4x4 combines opposites and makes the impossible possible.


Standard equipment:

  • Transfer case with longitudinal lock (100% locking effect)
  • Rear axle with differential lock (100% locking effect)
  • Twin tires on the rear axle (5.0t.)
  • Front axle in coil spring design with independent wheel suspension in double wishbone geometry
  • Raise approx. 100mm
  • Control unit for all-wheel drive components on the dashboard
  • Differential ventilation raised
  • Individual approval for Austria or Germany
Achleitner MANTRA 4x4 --- 5,0-5,5to
Achleitner MANTRA 4x4 --- 3,5-4,25to
Achleitner MANTRA 4x4 --- Off-Road Driving-Test
Achleitner MANTRA 4x4 --- Details

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