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Achleitner Offroad Expertise!

4WD Vehicles

Iveco DAILY ALL-Road

Iveco DAILY ALL-Road


The connection between the well-known characteristics of the IVECO Daily C with the ACHLEITNER Four-Wheel-Technology, offers to you a multifunctional vehicle.


"Iveco DAILY 4x4 All-Road" - with centre- and rear differential lock.
Optional available for 3,5 – 5 t is a 100% differential lock at the front axle.


Typical fields of application for the PIAS 4x4:
Fire services, rescue services, landscape work, forestry, power suppliers, local authorities, police, building and construction, military, mobile homes, …


Selecting the low range mode:
Low range mode (i = 2,5) enables very steep gradients to be climbed. The vehicles move forward at low speed and high torque. Low range mode is selected mechanically.


Customer advantages:
Increased traction and excellent road holding, is the crucial advantage of the PIAS 4x4 with permanent all-wheel drive. The transfer case is designed that at normal conditions, the power is 50 % distributed to front axle and 50 % to the rear axle.




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