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Multifunctional Solutions

Commercial Vehicles

Disaster Control

Disaster Control


Our main priority is to provide a high quality overall solution in line with latest industry standards and together with customer-focused planning and project implementation. Our experience with international authorities benefits our customers: durability and reliability are important criteria for operational use.


A major issue for us is to ensure optimal surface protection. This is achieved by using a state-of-the-art hot dipping process – cataphoretic painting – where the paint layer is evenly applied onto the surface and will reach any hollow cavities.


To protect the paint against the effects of weather, suitable preservation measures will be carried out if requested. Your vehicle will then be well prepared to reliably perform its required long-lasting tasks.


In cooperation with established vehicle manufacturers, Achleitner has developed a wide range of vehicle bodies and trailers. They include

  • High performance flat bed trailers
  • Tandem trailers
  • miscellaneous tailor made bodies
  • Special vehicles for multifunctional uses
  • Customized transport solutions.


Our disaster control vehicles are specially developed and produced to meet customer requirements and particular uses.


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