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Logistic Vehicles




In the field of logistical vehicles, the MANTRA 4x4 is built to provide outstanding mobility and performance using state-of-the-art technology to guarantee highest safety, reliability and quality for militarized vehicles with - depending on variant - a 7,2 tons GVW. Achleitner has designed a vehicle with permanent 4WD technology and a variety of platform bodies for harsh conditions.


The MANTRA 4x4 is available in a range of sizes and styles including:


  • Troop carrier: available with tailor-made bodies on a double or single-cab chassis or as a bus with seat arrangement for up to 21 persons, in miscellaneous versions and equipments


  • Command or communication vehicle: available with tailor-made bodies on different cab versions or as van with communication unit, radio-table and navigational unit, with external power supply


  • Carrier platform: available as platform with sliding canvas, with a PLS loading handling system and a universal platform for fast and simple operation


  • Ambulance: available as a van or box body with up to four extractable latches and different medical equipment



Worldwide logistical support and training


Training services and spare part availability characterize Achleitner's key principles. Our quality and service confirm our success and our products are highly recommended all over the world and are catered to the latest technical peacekeeping requirements.




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