The reconnaissance and command vehicle is an all-terrain, high mobility, modular armored vehicle with high protection against:


  • Ballistic threats (up to STANAG Level 1)
  • Mines (up to STANAG Level 1)
  • IED
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A vehicle with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) up to 8,5 tons, three 100% differential locks, permanent four wheel drive and fully automatic transmission.


The vehicle is developed to meet present and future police, military and paramilitary forces requirements. It has a crew cabin designed as a monocoque cell, which makes it possible to upgrade the protection level in the future.


Achleitner's know-how in protection concepts is built up since the early 1980's. To meet the latest standards in technology Achleitner invests on an continuing development for nowadays and future protection requirements.


To develop protected vehicles it is essential that wide-ranging tests are carried out, to ensure that all materials are right selected. Therefore Achleitner has a dedicated in-house department which can carry out material and ballistic tests, enabling results to be quickly and flexibly obtained. Tests of ballistic protection properties are always carried out in accordance with internationally applicable standards and are only performed by certified institutes.


Worldwide logistical support and training


Training services and spare part availability characterize Achleitner's key principles. Our quality and service confirm our success and our products are highly recommended all over the world and are catered to the latest technical peacekeeping requirements.

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