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Achleitner Fahrzeugbau

Land Cruiser 200


Protection which gives trust!

Security Vehicles

Land Cruiser 200

Land Cruiser 200


No matter what the assignment, no matter where you are in the world, the Achleitner Land Cruiser 200 offers the ultimate in protection. Certified according to VPAM BRV & ERV in classes VR7 & VR9.


As an off-road vehicle it is at home on both - rough terrain and city streets. The Achleitner Land Cruiser 200 has passed all tests and inspections and is ready to go.


Research & Development


Achleitner's know-how in protection concepts is built up since the early 1980's. To meet the latest standards in technology Achleitner invests on an continuing development for nowadays and future protection requirements.


To develop protected vehicles it is essential that wide-ranging tests are carried out, to ensure that all materials are right selected. Therefore Achleitner has a dedicated in-house department which can carry out material and ballistic tests, enabling results to be quickly and flexibly obtained. Tests of ballistic protection properties are always carried out in accordance with internationally applicable standards and are only performed by certified institutes.





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Gebrauchtfahrzeug Certificate of Excellence

The MAN issued the Certificate of Excellence to Achleitner. This means that we are a certi... read more

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