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Extendable Trailer


A simple semi trailer? - ACHLEITNER has created a vehicle concept which set new standards according to optimum space-saving.

A special vehicle for many applications with up to 150 m² space.


Our latest development, ACHLEITNER’s EXTENDABLE TRAILER is a vehicle concept that redefines utilization of space. Wherever you might be, your office, restaurant, stage, workshop or shop can travel with you. It is also suitable as mobile stand for presenting your products and services in various locations, helping you to save costs of hiring space in exhibition centers.


The extendable trailer has a usable floor area of 150m². It is also available with an additional storey, increasing the floor area to 220m².

Biasi - Suzuki
Extendable Trailer
Mobile Print Office - Extendable Trailer
Moto Cross Energystation
MX-1 - RB-Hospitality
MX-1 WM DEKA-Suzuki
Promotion - Bullshop
Promotion - Red Bull Air Race
Red Bull
Superfund - Truck
Superfund - Interior
Superfund - Roof Deck

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