The Company

Corporate Philosophy

The company philosophy is oriented to a highest possible satisfaction of the customers, owners, employees and the public. Also the suppliers and partners are considered and included in this philosophy.


Our comprehensive range of services includes:

  • a wide product range
  • high quality products
  • customer-oriented support and advice
  • topclass delivery and customer service


Constant and continuous development of our products creates an increase in use, which should inspire the customers for products from the company Achleitner. We admit an open dialogue with our customers and suppliers and pride ourselves in being a fair partner.


With rising economic efficiency we want to create values and thereby produce profits. By constantly improving our productiveness we gain the necessary capital for new investments. They protect our technical advance and with it workplaces. Operational safety provides continuity. By concentrating on our core competences we are constantly upgrade our process and products.


We promote and demand initiatives, independent thinking and acting, as well as mutual esteem and respect. We prefer an honest and open communication. Flexibility and an open mind for what is new is a part of our philosophy. To implement this we need to improve our processes continuously and need certified management systems.


Through reliability we are a estimable partner. We inform the public – especially our neighbourhood – concerning to our environmental achievements. We consider legal security as an essential condition for a successful entrepreneurship. The education of trainees in the company Achleitner is very important for us and guarantees that certified skilled workers are available for the future too.

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